Membership Gift Card

An ideal gift for someone special, our gift cards for our monthly membership plan.

Choose from our tiered pricing options to suit your budget.

  • 1 Month membership gift


  • 3 Month membership gift

    €159.00 (save €18.00)

  • 6 Month membership gift

    €289.00 (save €65.00)

Freqently asked questions

  • What can someone do with a Big Look gift card?

    With this membership the recipient will be able to get access to:

    * All BigLook pre-recorded courses now and any new courses or material that comes on stream during the membership
    * The ability to upload work to tutors for personalised feedback
    * First access to a new private social groups for select courses

    The gift card can be redeemed at checkout though a coupon code on any new membership.

  • Do Big Look gift cards expire?

    Your rights as a consumer are protected through the legislation on gift vouchers. Effectively there is no expiry date on our gift vouchers and these can be redeemed at any time.

  • Must payment details be entered to redeem the gift card?

    Big Look is a subscription based service. Gift cards are applied to the recipient's account as a gift balance. This balance entitles the recipient to free access to Big Look membership with all features for 1 month, 3 months or 6 months.

    To take advantage of the gift balance the receiver needs to set up a new membership account which requires payment details to be entered. No money will be drawn down until the gift balance expires. The recipient can opt to cancel membership at any time before the end of the period and avoid being charged any money.

  • Do Big Look issue physical gift cards or are they digital only?

    At this time, we offer digital gift cards only. This means that when you purchase a gift card for someone, you will receive an email with the details of how to use the gift card and a coupon code. It is this code that is used to redeem the gift balance purchased against a new Big Look membership.

  • Can I purchase a gift card for someone who is already a Big Look member?

    Big Look gift cards are redeemable as part of the payment process when creating a new Big Look membership. With a Big Look gift card the receiver will gain free membership for a period of time as a new members. It is not possible for existing members who have already signed up for Big Look to benefit from a gift card.

  • Can gift vouchers be used as credit for an live interactive class or mentorship

    While these vouchers are designed to work with the monthly membership plan, if the recipience of the voucher wants to use a gift voucher against the cost of an interactive class or mentorship, the gift recipient should contact Big Look with the request.