Do you want to capture the movement, energy and flow of a coastal scene?

In this video series Brenda Malley will guide you through each stage of the development of a seascape painting in oils.

In addition, Brenda will break down the seascape theme into 'bite size' elements with dedicated tutorials on rocks, tidal pools, waves and headlands.

Course Content

In this course you will learn how to approach a seascape subject with confidence and ease, from the dynamic surge of a breaking wave to the craggy texture of rocks. Each element and stage is explored in depth and clearly demonstrated - composing your subject, laying in loose washes, building texture and depth, and expressing movement and flow with brush and palette knife.

  • You will consider the essential factors for a strong composition - focal point and directional flow

  • Learn how to build your painting in a sequence of stages from first marks to final touches

  • Discover the expressive qualities of the palette knife to express the energy, movement and strength of your subject

Explore seascape elements in depth

Starting with rock formations, Brenda will bring you through each aspect of the seascape subject, following a structured approach to make complex forms easier to tackle in oils.

Each of these 'bite size' tutorials will start with an analysis of the element's structure through simple drawing and shading exercises. From there, Brenda will help you to take this familiarity into your oil painting.

Go beyond video tutorials

Individual feedback & private community

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A comprehensive course in seascape painting.

From painting an entire scene to going into depth in each of the core elements of our rich coastal landscape, this course will give you the tools and techniques to tackle any seascape scene with confidence.

Introducing the course

  • Credits

  • Welcome to the course

  • Join me on the Big Look Community

Pt.1 - The basics

  • Introduction to the Studio

  • My Studio Materials

  • Colour mixing

Pt.2 - Seacape scene

  • Outline and materials list

- Value study & blocking in

  • Composition / Sketch

  • Blocking the composition

  • Layering over the composition

- Developing the painting

  • The Breaking wave

  • Defining the rocks

  • Painting the foreground water

  • Finishing touches

  • The final painting

- Painting Challenge

  • Introducing the painting challenge

  • Reference photos

  • Send me your work

Pt.3 - Seascape elements

  • Introduction to seascape elements

- Valentia Rocks

  • Valentia Rocks - tutorial outline

  • Valentia Rocks - value study

  • Valentia Rocks - oil study

  • Send me your work!

- Kilcoole Beach

  • Kilcoole Rocks - tutorial outline

  • Kilcoole Rocks - value study

  • Kilcoole Rocks - oil sketch

  • Send me your work!

- Greystones Rocks

  • Greystones Rocks - tutorial outline

  • Greystones Rocks - value study

  • Greystones Rocks - oil study pt. 1

  • Graystones Rocks - oil study pt. 2

  • Send me your work!

- Portmarnock

  • Tutorial

  • Send me your work!

More coming soon

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