Landscape painting is a celebration of creativity, an exploration of visual space with colour and texture

Landscape painting is about being there in the moment. The aim is to convey the experience and atmospherics of each location, be it the turbulent waters along the Northwest coastline or the rivers and lakes of Fermanagh and Monaghan.

Course Content

I will give instructions on preparing surfaces to work on. How to mix colour on the palette for a successful outcome. Application and mark making. I suggest the use of innovative and fun methods of applying paint. How various tools and brushes can be used in an inventive way to depict the elements of nature. I aim to encourage the development of skills and growth of confidence in individual ability to achieve a breadth of dialogue.

  • Effective colour mixing

  • Breadth of mark making

  • Drawing and composition

Surfaces, tools and colours

  • Credits

  • Hello and introduction to my surfaces

  • Some tools I use

  • My colour palette

Composition and demonstration

  • Composition

  • Blocking in the compostion

  • Developing the composition

  • Reviewing the final painting

Painting challenge

  • Responsive expression challenge - part 1

  • Responsive expression challenge - part 2

  • Send me your work

Plein Air painting - Blackwater River

  • 'Day in the life' - painting en plein air

  • Stages of the painting

  • Painting evaluation - taking a step back

  • Painting evaluation - close up details