It is paint’s qualities of colour and texture that attract us and allows for endless possibility of what can be achieved

Creating the idea of a bird or flower with a few strokes of well-placed oil paint is a joy. They exist as abstractions on the canvas observed as painted moments.

Course Content

This course we will be looking at the use of paint from thin blended layers to thick gestural brush marks and everything in between. Essential components include the understanding of various qualities of paint, how to mix and use brushes. This course will also show how different mark making behaves on various surfaces (for example, board, canvas) and how mediums (linseed oil, turpentine) influence paint. We will also look at how to achieve a richer palette through colour mixing.

  • How to create gesture with paint

  • Colour mixing and balance

  • An understanding of materials used in painting

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Artist Critique & Feedback

Get valuable feedback on your own work

Submit your work for a detailed and personalised video response from Gabhann. Your work will be analysed in detail and all points will be illustrated through live video annotations.

An expanding course of end-to-end painting demonstrations and opportunities to challenge yourself in your painting


  • Credits

  • Introduction to course


  • Brushes and brush marks demonstration

  • First layers

  • Defining the shape of the bird

  • Adding definition to the bird

  • Finishing the painting

  • Gabhann Dunne - self evaluation

'Bird in Flight' challenge

  • The challenge

  • Inspiration for you - reference images

  • Upload your work


  • Colour mixing demonstration

  • Colours and blocking in the background

  • Painting the dandelion

Wild Flowers

  • Introduction

  • Overview

  • Speed Paint - end to end process

  • Painting demo - key moments

  • Self evaluation

  • Painting challenge